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Video Editing Project? Here Are the Top 5 Stock Video Websites to Help You

Stock video has a significant role to play in modern video production. When video editing, we often utilise stock footage to add a touch of extra quality or an additional element of storytelling to one of our projects. For instance, you can use it for premium b-roll in between talking heads or live-action shots. In other cases, you can even create high-quality videos with stock footage and smart motion graphics alone.

But the problem with stock video is it’s cost. If it’s something you’re using a lot, the outgoings can soon rack up. Many premium sites operate on a pay per clip basis, which means once you’ve got what you need, you could quickly be forking out hundreds (or even thousands) to add short clips to your post-production edits.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many premium sites offer great deals periodically. In contrast, others operate on a subscription basis, giving you all-you-can-eat asses to high-quality stock video. 

With that in mind, let’s take a cursory glance at some of the most prominent players in the stock video game, so you can make an informed decision when looking to add stock elements to your video.

1. Artgrid

First on the list is Artgrid, which uses the more prevalent subscription business model. All plans come with unlimited downloads, but the quality of the clips progresses as you make your way up the subscription tiers. 

When compared to similar platforms, Artgrid is a little pricey, especially when you consider that, as a new platform, the current content library is pretty thin on the ground. However, that will, of course, expand over time, and Artgrid does have one significant advantage up its sleeve, which is downloadable RAW footage. 

By allowing the download of RAW (straight out of the camera) video files, this platform appeals to those of you looking to create really high-quality productions.

2. Adobe Stock

If money is no object, then Adobe Stock is probably the best place to head for your stock video needs. The available selection of clips is enormous, there’s something for everyone, in varying degrees of quality. A stand-out feature is the availability of editorial clips, which is perfect if your video editing project concerns news or current affairs. 

The search function also makes it easy for users to pinpoint relevant videos within a matter of seconds, leaving many other similar sites behind. But of course, the obvious drawback is cost. These videos are not cheap. Even thirty seconds of footage spread across a few clips could set you back a small fortune.

3. VideoBlocks

Run by StoryBlocks, this platform is probably our ‘go-to’ on most video projects. One of the primary reasons is their pricing plans are such good value for money. For less than £349 per year (at time of writing), this site grants unlimited access to:

  • HD footage
  • 4K footage
  • After effects templates
  • Music, sound effects, and loops
  • Photos, vectors, and illustrations

Can’t say much fairer than that can you?! 

That’s not to say that there aren’t any downsides. The search function is a particular source of frustration for us, and it usually takes a while to find what we’re looking for. However, nine times out of ten, there’s something there for us at the end of the process which is perfect for our video editing project.

4. Envato Elements

Similar to the above VideoBlocks, Envato Elements is more of an all-encompassing platform that a stock video specialist. In that regard, the selection of stock video is not quite as strong. However, for a monthly fee of less than £15, you receive unlimited access to all kinds of graphics, stock images, 3D models, animations, web templates, music and so on. 

Thus, this option probably takes the crown as the best value in terms of price paid per item. However, you may find yourself regularly struggling to get hold of what you need when it comes to stock footage.

5. Shutterstock 

At the other end of the spectrum to Envato Elements is Shutterstock. Effectively Adobe with a subscription format, this site probably has the most extensive selection of stock video clips out there. No matter the scope of your project, you’ll find it here. 

The drawbacks? Price and availability. Not only is Shutterstock the most expensive when it comes to subscriptions, but even the highest plan still limits you to 20 clips a month. If you don’t tend to rely on stock footage too much, it may suit you to splurge now and then when you need it. But for many creative video production agencies, this platform doesn’t make financial sense.

Final Thoughts

If you need a video fast, or you don’t have the resources to shoot yourself, stock video is the way to go. As mentioned, in many cases, we can create compelling videos for your specific needs without ever touching the camera ourselves. 

We can use motion graphics, voice-overs, and high-end video editing techniques to create stunning pieces of video content. Whether you need a corporate video for your organisation, or you need to fill your music video with stock video post-production, here at Gray Media, we are experts at leveraging stock video to tell your story.

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